Thursday, 3 April 2014

Kothai's Works

Vaishnavite Works (upcoming)

1. Manjari-Puranam-2017-Sooner
Screenplay of the epic is titled "Prajapati."
Fragments from the epic  "Manjari:"
1. Aranganathar Agaval-Poetry- Download  2. Ashtakshara Magimai-Poetry- Download


  • Manjari-Purana
  • My Brother Satan-Book 3: The Reign of the Morningstar
  • Ellaik Kodugal-Album
  • Potruhil-Perumkaappiyam-third edition-Hindu edition
  • The Mystery of Frideswide (Sequel to "The Pearl Box and the Seahorse)

Literary Writings

  1. Click here to download Tamil Poems
  2. The Pearl Box and the Seahorse - Novella - English - 2007 Download  Read more...
  3. Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal - Novel - Tamil - 2009 Buy from CSP / Download (CSP Proof)   Read more...
  4. Saaral - Short Stories - Tamil - 2009     Read more... Buy from CSP /Download CSP Proof
  5. Potruhil - Perumkaappiyam - Sangam Tamil - 2012  Download CSP Proof (Caution: Handle with protection prayers.
  6. Puram Nooru - Puram Songs - Sangam Tamil - 2013 Buy from CSP  Download CSP Proof   Read more...
  7. Fables for Life - Fables - English - 2007 & 2013 Download  Read more...
  8. Vaazhvin Ellaik Kodugal - Novel - 2014   
  9. Chellak Kaadhalan - Album - 2013 -Lyrics
  10. Pengalum Samoogamum-Minor Research-2014  Download CSP Proof  
  11. En Chella Yesappa - Album - 2015- Lyrics
  12. Agam Nooru-Agam Songs-Sangam Tamil-2015 Buy from CSP /Download
  13. Aranganathar Agaval-Poetry- Download
  14. Arangaraja Dharshanam and Aranganaayagi Dharshanam-2016
  15. "The Princess and the Serpent" the first book of "My Brother Satan" series-Fiction-July 2016 Download here
  16. "The Fire Lord against his Vampire Sister" the second book of the "My Brother Satan" Series-Fiction-August 2016  Download pdf

General Writings

How to write a Novel or Novella in 20 days - Article     Read Now!
Be Yourself, Do Not Morph - Article     Read Now!

Music Album

Kothai wrote, composed and sang Chellak Kaadhalan, a music album in 2014, which will be available to the public sooner.

Evangelical Writings

Click here to download the Epistle from God through Ariel in Tamil.
Click here to download the English Translation of the Epistle from God to Mankind through AriEl.
Click here to download Ann Ariel's Evangelical Writings.

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