Thursday, 3 April 2014

Kothai's Works

Upcoming Works

1. Dream Girl (Mystery Novel) --English
2. Ellai Kodugal (Movie Scripts: Screenplay and Production Scripts)
3. My Brother Satan, Book-3: The Reign of the Morning Star


  • Manjari-Purana
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Literary Writings

  1. Click here to download Tamil Poems
  2. The Pearl Box and the Seahorse - Novella - English - 2007 Download  Read more...
  3. Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal - Novel - Tamil - 2009 Buy from CSP / Download (CSP Proof)   Read more...
  4. Saaral - Short Stories - Tamil - 2009     Read more... Buy from CSP /Download CSP Proof
  5. Potruhil - Perumkaappiyam - Sangam Tamil - 2012  Download CSP Proof (Caution: Handle with protection prayers.
  6. Puram Nooru - Puram Songs - Sangam Tamil - 2013 Buy from CSP  Download CSP Proof   Read more...
  7. Fables for Life - Fables - English - 2007 & 2013 Download  Read more...
  8. Vaazhvin Ellaik Kodugal - Novel - 2014   
  9. Chellak Kaadhalan - Album - 2013 -Lyrics
  10. Pengalum Samoogamum-Minor Research-2014  Download CSP Proof  

  11. Agam Nooru-Agam Songs-Sangam Tamil-2015 Buy from CSP /Download
  12. Aranganathar Agaval-Poetry- Download
  13. Arangaraja Dharshanam and Aranganaayagi Dharshanam-2016
  14. "The Princess and the Serpent" the first book of "My Brother Satan" series-Fiction-July 2016 Download here
  15. "The Fire Lord against his Vampire Sister" the second book of the "My Brother Satan" Series-Fiction-August 2016  Download pdf

General Writings

How to write a Novel or Novella in 20 days - Article     Read Now!
Be Yourself, Do Not Morph - Article     Read Now!

Music Album

Kothai wrote, composed and sang Chellak Kaadhalan, a music album in 2014, which will be available to the public sooner.

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