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MANJARI PURANAM-GRAND EPIC (Perumkaappiyam) 2017-Tamil
This Epic is a proof of the supremacy of Hinduism and a warning about the upcoming tectonic shift.

The second edition of Potruhil by Kothai, the first epic by a poetess in Tamil is also available for release.


  1. Manjari Purana (Perumkaappiyam 2017): Original Epic+English Translation ... Download
  2. Potruhil (Perumkaappiyam) 2018 Edition: Original Epic ... Download

 N.S. Kothai (கோதை/ కోదై), fostered by S. Philomenal & D. Irfan (alias) Alangara Wilson (Birth name: Pramila) is  the first Penpaar Pulavar to have written the first two Grand Sangam Tamil Epics (Perumkaappiyams) in the language, namely Potruhil (2012, 2018) and Manjari Purana (2017).

The poetess took the ancestral religion of her foster parents,  Sri Vaishnavism. She has written Sangam Tamil Poetry on Lord Vishnu and is writing a Vaishnavism epic currently. See biography for more information.

This is her official blog. Feel free to download her books. Happy Reading!

Religion and ethnicity: Kothai, had previously been writing as Ann AriEl or Jannath Al-Firdhaws in some works She  has the  potential to connect to the spiritual world that she doesn't identify or adhere herself with any particular religion other than Vaishnavite Monotheism though her foster parents are Christians.  Earlier, her dress code differed as per interests/need and often confused onlookers.
She's interested in food and religious travel. Her favourite dish is Biryani.

Kothai's biological parents are from the Tamil Mukkulathor Community.

Kothai became a staunch Vaishnavite in early 2016 after visions and dreams of Lord Vishnu.  Later changed her pen name to the Arabic name she loved.  She lives with her single foster mother and continues to write and uses the official name"Kothai" for her works.


  • Mangalasasana Maalai
  • To Shambhala-The Golden City at the Earth's Core
  • My Brother Satan-Book 3: The Reign of the Morningstar
  • Dream Girl-Novel
  • Potruhil-Perumkaappiyam-third edition-Hindu edition
  • The Mystery of Frideswide (Sequel to "The Pearl Box and the Seahorse)

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