Thursday, 3 April 2014

Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal

அந்த இருவரின் நாட்குறிப்புகள் 

Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal - Novel - Tamil - 2009

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Written by: Kothai as Ann Ariel.

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Mathivathani meets an attractive and chivalrous guy, who happens to be Santhosh Kumar, the CEO of the multinational company she had just joined and yet another consequence that he had been playing at the same tennis club she had been going for years at a different time.
Santhosh is attracted to Mathivathani from the time he saw her, but strange as it is, his behaviour is completely contrary to that of his friend and colleague Ilavarasan, who proposes to his office flirt, Shivani, and gets engaged to her like an easy piece of cake without troubles from tyrants of authority or abusers of culture.
There are some more strange things about Santhosh that he hides himself from a villainous person and rejects proposals though office etiquette was one of the reasons, but love blossoms between him and Mathivathani and he finally proposes to her after much thought and some pressure.
Before he could enter deep into the relationship, Mathivathani is horror-struck to find that he was married, but calms on realizing that he must have been under legal age for marriage five years ago and this matrimony must not be a valid one. She also remembers the time when he wanted to talk about something in person after her recovery.
Santhosh's acquaintance with Ponni brings an air of suspicion that reaches Mathivathani, who didn't care about it as he had warned her earlier, but he suspects that she wants to breakup assuming that she avoids meeting him on purpose after recovery, which breaks his heart and the memories of the past crawls forward shedding light on who Ponni actually is and what happened in the painful past.
He finally reads the words that she had written in his diary by mistake thinking it was hers, as both the diaries were bought at the same time and that he had given his' to her when he set out to his home town as he was not sure if he would return alive. The diaries that made them meet brings them together, justifying the name, "Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal, " which means, "Those two people's diaries."

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