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The Pearl Box and the Seahorse

The Pearl Box and the Seahorse - Novella - English - 2007

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The Pearl Box and the Seahorse, a novella,  is the first published book by Kothai as Ann Ariel.

This is the first part of a series about a fantasy Island, Frideswide, also called as Island of Peace.

Rosemary, a young lady, daughter of Sir Gerald Evans finds a little box beside a seahorse in the shores beside her father's Sea Castle.  It happens to be the token of a promise by the Oyster Queen to King Goodwill, the King of Frideswide, the Island of Peace, 300 years ago.

Frideswide is called as the Island of Peace as the Oyster Kingdom protects it from bloodshed of any kind and from invasions.

Rosemary and her Beloved Ferdinand, the chosen, who protects her leaves for Frideswide and are married and are crowned as King and Queen of Frideswide by the people as foretold.  Rosemary comes from the bloodline of King Goodwill while Ferdinand comes from the bloodline of King Goodwill's Army General.

The stories about the Island Frideswide are further told in The Mystery of Frideswide and The Fall of Frideswide, which are yet to be published.

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